Canopy of Love (Hardback)

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A collection of inspirational poems and scripture written and illustrated by Christine Field-Davies. Christine Field-Davies was born and raised in the small valley town of Aberdare, South Wales, UK. Trained as a music teacher, married and with two beautiful children, Christine would never forget that moment, when at the age of seventeen, she had felt the call of God upon her life. She believed with all of her heart the Lord was calling her to serve Him, and over the decades, the urgency and longing to fulfil this call has never diminished. She was officially ordained into the ministry at Festival Church, Ebbw Vale, South Wales in December 1998. For many years prior to ordination, she had responded to invitations from within Wales and throughout the UK to share the Lord's Amazing Grace and Mercy. But over time, the Lord began to swing wide the gates to the nations, and under the banner 'Kingsway all Nations', she found herself preaching God's Precious Word in Europe, USA and Africa. Over these many years, she has penned and continues to pen inspirational words in poetry and song, words which have the ability to reach, touch and speak to the hearts and lives of those who may hear or read.

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