Combatting Fear

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New book by Best Selling Author Phil Davies.

Combatting Fear...for such a time as this is an insightful look into a subject that affects every single one of us and given the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, couldn’t be more timely.

If you struggle with fear of any kind, the good news is, you’re not your own. Everyone struggles with fear at some point or other, including a very long list of Bible heroes, and even Jesus Himself.

Fear is so poisonous, it’ll rob you of your joy, erode your confidence, and keep you living in the past. It’s highly contagious and will try to pollute anything and everything… if you let it! Combatting Fear will give you the revelation that fear is much more than just a feeling, it’s a strategy of the enemy, a strategy purpose-designed to limit your faith and curtail your potential as a child of God.

But you cannot conquer what you will not confront, and the time has come to fight back. Combatting Fear will help you face your fears, understand them a little better, and help you devise a strategy to defeat them and set you on a course to fulfilling your incredible potential.


Covid-19 unleashed an unprecedented tsunami of fear, and while the virus may have been new, fear is anything but. With over 7600 “phobias” officially recognised as medical conditions, fear is everywhere and, everyone struggles with it at some point or other, including a long list of Bible heroes that includes Jesus Himself. Combatting Fear will help you identify your fears, understand them, confront them, and critically, help you devise a strategy to defeat them.

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