Postcards from the Edge

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By Ian Coffey

Paperback, 144 pages.

In Postcards from the Edge Ian Coffey will help you learn from eight Bible characters about how God can meet you in the hardest moments of your life.

God often seems most distant when we are going through our hardest times. And yet many people have found that it is exactly at the moments of their greatest struggle that they have met God most closely.

Through vivid retellings of the stories of eight biblical characters who met God at points of extremity in their lives, Ian Coffey offers us inspirational ways of making the struggles we face an opportunity for growth. By sharing both modern examples of people who have faced the same sorts of struggles, and events in his own life, he gives us practical help and hope in our hardest moments.

  • Esther & courage
  • Jeremiah & inadequacy
  • John & doubt
  • Paul & fear
  • Peter & imprisonment
  • Ruth & loss
  • Elijah & despair
  • Mark & failure

Full of rich reflection and thought-provoking questions, it will help us to discover the God who walks with his people through their darkest moments.

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