The Prayer of God

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The book travels through the sections of the Lord's Prayer that so many people know by heart. That sometimes means that there is a tendency to pray it by rote without dwelling on the meaning and significance of the words. This is an attempt partly to 'lift the bonnet' a little, but more to encourage readers to dig deeper for themselves. 

The writer reinforces what a dynamic prayer the Lord's Prayer is - it is about change and opens the door to worship, provision, forgiveness, protection and so much else. It boldly proclaims the rule and reign of God and it confronts evil head-on. It is not a prayer for more of the same, being concerned with change in our lives and the world in which we live. There is power in the Lord's Prayer and we should use it to the full. 

The author's purposes include to convey a fresh love for the Lord's Prayer and to emphasise the very special link it provides to Jesus. Praying it can draw us into a deeper relationship with God and that is the context for the prayer's effectiveness. The Lord's Prayer is at the epicentre of Christianity and it remains completely contemporary despite the passage of 2,000 years since it was launched. It is a prayer for all time and every season - it is timeless and wonderful.

Jeremy Jennings was the director of prayer for HTB and Alpha for 20 years and has seen both grow from being very small to where they are today through a lot of prayer.

He is the chairman of 24-7 Prayer, a Trustee of St Mellitus College and leads a weekly prayer meeting at HTB.


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