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Ten years ago I first published 'the 'Community Prayer Diary', 30,000 copies across the UK.  The heart was simple, how do we pray for those people who make our community work ?  From Doctors to Dentists, Police Officers to Council Leaders, From Farmers to Pastors, those offering to counsel to those dealing with abuse in the home.  We interact and benefit from the roles people play in our community every day.

If we take 1 Timothy 2:1-2 seriously, we should 'Pray for those in Authority'.  This Prayer Guide will help you do just that.  You'll be able to record the names of people in key positions in your community and pray for them through the week, without forgetting anyone.  Even better as you find out who they are, you'll have the opportunity to gently let them know they are being prayed for. 

There's also some teaching on Prayer Walking and a lovely reference section of praying scripture at the back.

It's an ideal resource for everyone in the local Church to pray effectively for everyone doing something important in the community around them.

40 Pages, Full Colour throughout.

This prayer guide is produced in conjunction with Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

Enjoy Carl Brettle

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