Lent for Everyone - Year B

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By Tom Wright

Paperback, 144 pages.

Tom Wright's Lent for Everyone: Mark gives you 53 easy-to-follow daily devotionals for private study or group exploration by Christians of any tradition or denomination.

Each devotional of no more than 3 or 4 pages includes the whole of the relevant Bible text making Tom Wright's easy-to-carry book an all-in-one Lent study course.

In his familiar, comfortable style Tom Wright guides with clarity and confidence through the whole of Mark's gospel. Supporting references from the Psalms and complementary gospel of John help you understand Jesus' life, death and resurrection in the context his time, today's world and God's eternal plan.

This Lent, 'The Big Bible: Big Read 2012' focuses Christians and non-Christians on Lent for Everyone: Mark encouraging more people to read and discuss the Bible together more often and in more and more communities.

As a whole church resource, 'Lent for Everyone: Mark' follows the designated Lectionary readings for Lent 2012, year B and uses Tom Wright's own translation of the gospel.

'The trouble is that it is so good the reader will find it hard to stop at the end of each day's reflection, but will want to read on.' (Church Times)

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