Little Thoughts about a Big God

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Have you ever tried to count the stars? Or describe something intricate to someone who is blind?

If so, then you’ll appreciate how it can be challenging to comprehend and put into words the beauty and majesty of God, who is infinite and beyond our understanding. Yet, God actively encourages us to seek and pursue Him, to uncover His mysteries so that they’re plain to see.

And that’s what Rob James, pastor, writer and broadcaster has done in this easy-to-read collection of 52 little thoughts about a big God.

Rob draws upon personal stories and everyday events to encourage you to explore and discover:

  • The Wonderful Works of God
  • The Wisdom of God
  • God Exhibited in His Works of Creation and Providence
  • The Power of God
  • And more!

Wherever you are and whatever you believe, this thought-provoking book will give you the opportunity to question, search and gain a greater glimpse of Almighty God.